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    Default Storage Zimlet Contest

    Our Briefcase app mixed with WebDAV (some notes recently added to that wiki for windows users) or our DnD plugin (for which we do have cross-browser/platform plans) is awesome, but some out there might have smaller quotas, don't have their own NAS, or other setup for anywhere access (too many methods to list). And some of those auto-sync solutions are just handy.

    So Zimbra gear to the first Zimlet for interaction with one of the major storage sites out there.

    Some ideas:
    -Adding files a-la Flickr/Snapfish Zimlet style as email attachments.
    -Dragging messages to the Zimlet would upload any attachments contained within to your storage site.
    -Heck even dragging from briefcase folder to the Zimlet.

    Amazon S3 (if you beat Bug 4693 - Mount S3 bucket as Briefcase item & actually many of those sites use that for a backend)
    Yahoo! Briefcase
    The Linkup
    Jungle Disk
    Could list these for days, so you're obviously welcome to suggest other services to mash-up with, as there's tons of these out there. We don't discriminate so even Foldershare - but obviously some (ok most) don't have easy APIs or even open APIs at all so I imagine some serious examination of their communication methods will be in-order.


    Should there be some kinda 'flood' of submissions, preference goes to those that have at least some sort of perpetual free storage & the bigger the 'max file upload size' the better. ie: Amazon's S3 or SugarSync's 45day free accounts loose to Syncplicity's unlimited free storage (for now) or Dropbox's 2 gig, or whatever's 5gig etc.)

    (Of course being a Zimlet, admins can obviously choose to not install because of offsite security concerns, personal/work mix issues, or ISP's who price by mailbox quota - so let's not circle the drain on those reasons if you're asking 'why this contest?' - it's for endusers.)

    No end date (till this post becomes several years old - then ask) as I did say first person to make one, but you can always impress us anytime and we might just cave!

    Not the Zimlet Dev type? You can still suggest your favorite service below.

    Yes there's Bug 22080 - Access SMB shares via Briefcase - but again, not everyone can offer unlimited quotas.
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