I have modified com_zimbra_asterisk a bit and I am trying to access variables I have defined in the config_template.xml file. I read the zimlet developer guide, but the methods described didn't work. My template file looks like this:

<zimletConfig name="com_zimbra_asterisk" version="1.0">
<property name="cgiurl"></property>
<property name="pcddheader">Choose number</property>
<property name="debug">true</property>

At the moment, I have manually entered the information into the asterisk.js file, but I would like to be able to update it by only modifying the config_template.xml file. The methods I have tried:


I am sure there's something really stupid that I am doing wrong, unfortunately I don't have much experience with javascript and there doesn't seem to be much 5.0.6 specific documentation yet.

Any help is appreciated!