Hey all,

I'm currently starting to play with zimlets and I've run into an error deploying my test zimlet. I have read through the spec but perhaps I missed something. It appears that my test zimlet fails to be installed. It only ends up in the LDAP list disabled. For starters my zimlet only has two files, com_rs_marty.zml and config_template.xml. Here's the command and its output:

marty@zdemo:/opt/zimbra/bin$ ./zmzimletctl deploy /home/marty/com_rs_marty.zip
[] INFO: Deploying Zimlet com_rs_marty in LDAP.
[] INFO: Installing Zimlet com_rs_marty on this host.
Error: No such file or directory

Also, I have two other general questions about what zimlets can and can't do in Zimbra. First, can I add a menu item to the 'new' dropdown and have that trigger my zimlet? If so, can the modification of that dropdown be handled via the zimlet deployment or is that elsewhere in Zimbra that it would be configured? Second, can a zimlet's canvas output add content to the message body of an email? So the flow would be select, under the new dropdown choose 'marty message' that creates a blank email message and pops up my zimlet. I do some things in the zimlet and it outputs html/text into the message body of the empty email.