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    Default [SOLVED] Zimlet description file and singleClicked

    I'm new to Zimbra and (unfortunately) I have to develop Zimlets.
    Documentation is...well lets not talk about that.

    I managed to create a Zimlet for the Tools Sidebar executing some JavaScript when clicking on it. This works fine, but is unnecessary if I want to make directly an Ajax Request.
    So there is the singleClicked Method (works fine) and the singleClicked Element (doesn't work at all).

    Here is my description file code:
    <zimlet name="dk_cabo_mailaggregator" version="1.0" description="Mail Aggregator">
       <zimletPanelItem label="Mail Aggregator" icon="dk_cabo_mailaggregator-panelIcon">
         <toolTipText>Click to set up mail aggregation from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Hotmail</toolTipText>
           <canvas type="window" width="300" height="300"/>
           <actionUrl method="get" target="" />
    As you can see I took the mailaggregator example and put it in the _dev folder.
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