I am trying to get the com_zimbra_reminder zimlet to work.
Currently, I have successfully deployed the zimlet.
The zimlet icon etc appear fine.

I am having trouble with the com_zimbra_reminder.properties file.
Currently the zimlet icon does not seem to read in the values from the .properties file and all attributes are showing as the variable name, ie: {$msg.propertyname}

How are these files included by the zimlet? I can find no reference.

The zimlet whitepaper only offers:

"The messages properties file consists of a set of Java properties that represent the localizable
messages used by the Zimlet. Additional property files should be provided for each desired
locale. These files follow the following standard localization convention for property files as
Where xx is the language and YY is the locale. As an example, the properties file for the English
language would be named messages_en.properties, and the properties file for the British locale
would be named messages_en_GB.properties
The properties files form a hierarchy such that subsequent nodes in the hierarchy need only
override messages that need to be changed for the given language or locale.
Message properties may be accessed within the Zimlet definition file as follows:
${msg.propertyName}. For example, message property username would be accessed as follows:

Which (perhaps in my ignorance) does not provide the information as to how to get this file to be utilised.

Any help greatly appreciated.