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Thread: BatchRequest, Firefox 3, and xmlns=""

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    Default BatchRequest, Firefox 3, and xmlns=""

    It appears as though Firefox 3 adds blank xmlns attributes to SOAP requests called from zimlets. It also appears that when using BatchRequest, the child requests have their xmlns overwritten to null.

    In this forum thread:

    mmorse mentions that the zimlets provided by Zimbra have been fixed to define the xmlns via the constructor instead of using setAttribute() later.

    I read the source of AjxSoapDoc.js to try and use the set() function to define the xmlns straight away but, I am missing something and can't get it to work.

    Would someone from Zimbra be so kind to share your solution to the BatchRequest issue or an example of using set() with the xmlns parameter?


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    In contactcleaner zimlet, the following lines
    var contactActionReq = soapDoc.set("ContactActionRequest");
    contactActionReq.setAttribute("xmlns", "urn:zimbraMail");

    were replaced to:
    var contactActionReq = soapDoc.set("ContactActionRequest", null, null, "urn:zimbraMail");
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