We want to develop a feature in browsers to help people send files (with emails) without leaving their current browser window, or at least,

making it easier for them to do so. Our project is currently aimed at working with Firefox and Zimbra (Web client only).

Here's a scenario that we think might work, and we would want to know if there is a current project (either Firefox plug in or a Zimlet) that would make our development easier:

- From your browser: right click on a linked file and select the option "Send file to..." in the contextual menu.
- The browser popup a window/tab with Zimbra, with the email already opened, ready to be sent (with the file attached). The only information

required before sending it, would be to add the addresses of the email destination.

Back-end (How we think it might work):
- When the user select the "Send file to..." menu, the plugin sends an email to the user Zimbra account.

- A Zimlet will recognize the email and transfer the mail in the draft folder, changing the email data so it has the different fields correctly setup so the user only need to add the final informations (the TO, CC, and BCC fields).

- Meanwhile, Firefox, either open an already opened Zimbra tab/window (no need to login, since it needs an already identified session) or open a new windows (less secure, since you will need to keep login informations in the Firefox plug in), with the draft folder open, and looks for the email that was previously sent (we could use some kind of ID number to make it easier to recognize the right email).

Any constructive suggestion is welcome!