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Thread: Can a Zimlet autorun at login and run in the background?

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    Default Can a Zimlet autorun at login and run in the background?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to develop a message/tip of the day / emergency message Zimlet for our university's deployment. In a nutshell, the Zimlet would:

    - at login, check to see if the user hasn't opted out (REST call) and if not, retreive and display a tip/message in an overlay over the ZWC interface
    - periodically, check the message database to see if there are any pending 'emergency' messages (e.g. campus closure due to weather notices, etc.) and if any are found, display the message in a similar fashion to above.

    In order to accomplish this, it would seem that the Zimlet would need to be able to:

    - auto-run at login
    - run in the background, periodically checking for new emergency alerts (using a JS setInterval command or similar)

    Can I do this? The only relevant information I've been able to find is a un-answered thread from August:


    EDIT: It seems a Zimlet can run in the background, at least if the Yahoo! Finance Zimlet is any indication. Can anyone tell me anything about AjxTimedAction? Like most things Zimbra, there's no (apparent) documentation.

    My question on auto-run at startup still stands, although it seems that the finance zimlet's polling settings presist across sessions (it polled in the background after logging out and back in), so that might be taken care of as well. Opinions & thoughts are still welcome, though.

    Graham Ballantyne
    Simon Fraser University
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    Arrow cross linking

    Look at this thread for the auto-run at logon :

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