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    Default Asterisk PBX Integration Zimlet

    Hi all.
    I started programming an asterisk zimlet that uses asterisk manager interface AMI instead of SIP protocol like the already existing Zimlet.
    Thanks to Asterisk-Java I was able to easily interface with AMI in jsp.
    Main purpose is to dial (originate). I also added SMS functionality that uses Asterik SMS() application. For now every originate does a separate login to AMI, send action and then logs out. Don't now if this can cause troubles in big installations.

    Finally i have something working, but there are still some problems.

    1) Internationalization:
    I was unable to get files to work. Already check the Forum and Zimlets Whitepaper, but still no luck.
    So for now everything is hardcoded in English.

    2) SMS encoding:
    For some reason the SMS Messages do not arrive correctly in the Zimlets JSP. I can watch the correctly URL encoded message with LiveHttp Headers in FF or with wireshark. For some reason German and French Umlauts do not arrive in the JSP. Even when i try to log what the paramter like:
    smsMsg = request.getParameter("msg");
    zimletLog.debug("Param smsMsg: " + smsMsg);
    Umlauts like are just displayed as ???. Is there an issue with jetty?

    3)Disabling of SMS Menu does not work
    Seems like
    in ZmZimletBase.js does nothing

    4)Getting global properties in javascript for maxSMSLength
    Was also unable to make

    Any help is welcome!
    I added zimlet zip file. config_template.xml should be commented enough to get it working.

    Have fun, Christof.
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