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Thread: How Do I Clear a Zimlet's UserProperties

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    Default How Do I Clear a Zimlet's UserProperties

    While developing a new Zimlet, we added a property, "passwd" to our UserProperties section of the .xml configuration. We removed the "passwd" property, but it still shows up in the Properties dialog when we single-click on the Zimlet panel.

    Is there a way to clear the User Properties that have been stored for a user?

    Here's a screenshot:

    Here's the userProperties section of our XML document (notice that "passwd" is not one of them):

    <zimlet name="com_lasso" version="1.0" description="Lasso">
    <property type="string" name="user" minLength="4" maxLength="32" label="User ID" />
    <property type="password" name="pass" minLength="4" maxLength="32" label="Password" />
    <property type="string" name="domain" minLength="4" maxLength="64" label="Domain" />
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    Default Where the userproperties are store

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