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Thread: Xythos Zimlet (Beta)

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    Smile Xythos Zimlet (Beta)

    Xythos has developed a Zimlet for integration of Zimbra to Xythos.

    Xythos is a secure document management solution that has a proven track
    record of enterprise-level of rich features.

    The Xythos Zimlet supports:

    1. Drag and drop of emails from Zimbra into Xythos
    2. Email messages are Mime Encoded and attachments are stored separately
    3. Supports Email messages and Conversations
    4. Allows for selection of single or multiple emails
    5. Ability to Browse Xythos Repository to store emails
    6. Ability to configure Default locations
    7. Ability to Add Meta-Data to Emails stored in Xythos
    8. Ability to store individual attachments into Xythos
    9. Ability to Create new emails and link to documents Stored in Xythos.
    10. Ability to Use "Ticket" Feature in Xythos when attaching documents
    11. Fully Internationalized and supports any character sets.
    12. User Guide and Installation Guides are available
    13. Online help provided.

    Send your requests to to be a tester in our Beta program

    Thanx Joe

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