first of all sorry about my English

i deployed my zimlet on two servers, the first server is mine and the other is hosted by another company

the zimlet is working fine on my server but on the other server which is hosted on another company my browser displays the following error
this.handlerObject._init is not a function
(no name)()zimbra (line 1116)
(no name)(["com_zimbra_url", "com_zimbra_email", "com_zimbra_phone", 6 more...], null)zimbra (line 1457)
toString()zimbra (line 472)
A(null)Startup1_1_all.js... (line 1476)
simpleClosure()zimbra (line 490)
[Break on this error] undefined
zimbra (line 1116)

my zimlet name com_ghost_attachment

can any one help me please