I've been browsing the forum and have become familiar with the many ways of exporting a calendar and then importing it with zimbra. However, my friends and I are trying to develop a zimlet to do some of this behaviour since we're experimenting with doing this in a small javascript panel. We're trying to code this to happen within one of the javascript panels that popup due to a zimlet being invoked (ie: like dropping a calendar appointment on the WebEx zimlet).

Let me just outline briefly the atomic tasks we're trying to:

1. Get a week's calendar entries (Ie: from now() to 1 week from now() ) and consume them one by one within a zimlet, and so computation on each of them, and present a summary of the entries.

We saw that when the WebEx zimlet presents a list of calendar appointments, that those entries are pulled from another server! Hmm. I wonder if there is a way to produce a list from calendar entries from the current user or another user.

Is there a way to programmatically go into zimbra and say "Hey, give me all calendar entries as an array" and then go through the array and extract values like "entry[0].title, entry[0].attendees"

2. In a zimlet created popup panel, we'd like to add a calendar entry via the panel! Ie, a user specifies a title for an entry, some attendees, etc and a time, and the panel can insert an entry into our calendar and someone else's calendar (of course there, it would be a tentative entry, of course)

I think the EVite zimlet is where we'll look for this. Any one else have some resources they can point us to?