I am seeking collaborators who wish to assist in developing a system to enable syncing of SMS (and MMS?) messages and call history between mobile devices and the Zimbra server.

Initially I envisage the project focussing on syncing for Windows Mobile devices, and piggy-backing on ActiveSync.

Please write or respond if you are interested. Any feedback or ideas would also be greatly appreciated.

SMS and call history logs are obviously fundamental parts of a unified communications system. The ability to sync these with Zimbra is, I strongly feel, a huge gap in functionality - both from a personal usage and business/project usage perspective.

There are many plugins/addons currently available for use with Outlook to sync with Windows Mobile devices, many of them sync sms and call history logs as email messages (often in new specific folders) to enable easy listing and searching.

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Some examples of outlook plugins:

Sprite: (The late) Archie
Archie (cached historic page)

MobiTnt: PocketExport

Mobile Archiving: MobileArchiver

Jeyo: Mobile Extender