I've got a bit of JS code that needs to make a call to a JSP file that is also in the Zimlet. The example I have from someone else did a call out to an external webpage instead of a file in the Zimlet. I need to modify this so that it calls to my ldap.jsp file in the Zimlet.

I tried something like this but it is returning me a 403 error....so it can't find the file via that url path. Besides the fact that this would have to be changed for every server I want to deploy it on. I need this path to work no matter where it's deployed....can that happen?

  //get ldap xml from JSP
  var url = [ZmZimletBase.PROXY, AjxStringUtil.urlComponentEncode("https://server.host.name/service/zimlet/_dev/edu_wiu_directory/ldap.jsp"), AjxStringUtil.urlComponentEncode(result[1])].join("");

  var result=AjxRpc.invoke(null, url, null, null, true);
If I'm authenticated, I can put that url in the browser and the ldap.jsp will return the XML I am testing with, so I know the URL works. I just don't know if this is how I should be trying to call out to it from the JS file.

Any thoughts?