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Thread: Cannot get from address into dragSource

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    Default Cannot get from address into dragSource

    Here is a Zimlet that is supposed to do a Yahoo search on the From: address of an email that is dragged onto it:
    <zimlet name="com_mydomain_test" version="1.0" description="Our Test Zimlet">
      <zimletPanelItem label="Yahoo Lookup Zimlet">
          This Zimlet does a Yahoo lookup on an email address.
        <dragSource type="ZmMailMsg">
          <canvas type="window" width="400" height="400" />
          <actionUrl method="get" target="">
            <param name="p">${obj.from}</param>
    It does not work: the search that results is for the string "undefined". If I change "{$obj.from}" to "{$obj.subject}" I get a search on the email's subject; if I use ${obj.convId}" I get the correct conversation id. It only seems to fail with the from. The "to" attribute also fails.

    I checked the emails and they have From: headers of the form "From: John Public <>".

    Of the ones I tried, here are the ones that work
    • subject
    • date
    • id
    • convId
    • size

    and the ones that do not work (return "undefined"):
    • from
    • to

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    thats because with in Zimbra, "from" is not a string, but an object with email, firstname, fullname etc properties. And unfortunately writing zimlets via xml has some limitation and doesnt do things like toString() or allow little more complex things to get the information needed.

    The good news is you can however write up a small javascript to get the same thing done.
    com_mydomain_test.prototype.doDrop =
    function(zmObject) {
    	var from = "";
         if(zmObject.from) {
              from = zmObject.from[0];
         } else if(zmObject.participants) {//if conversation..
    	//get the first sender
    	var p = zmObject.participants;
    	for(var i =0; i < p.length; i++) {
    		if(p[i].type == "FROM") {
    			from = p[i].address;
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    This is an older thread but posting this additional information for reference.

    This zimlet has an example of retrieving the from/to/cc addresses from a ZmMailMsg. This zimlet was written for ZCS 6.0:

    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Examples:Panel Item Drag Source Details - Zimbra :: Wiki

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