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Thread: Google Maps!

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    Post Google Maps!

    Hi Zimbra admins, users and fans,

    I would like to share with you guys our new Zimlet contribution from team to Zimbra's Gallery.

    Below follows the official description:

    "This Zimlet brings Google Maps to your ZCS installation. Previously, deployment of a Google Maps zimlet was complicated by the requirement of a Google API key. A Google API key is required for each hostname. This zimlet provides a mechanism through which a Google API can be provided. The mechanism further permits multiple API keys, enabling deployment of this Zimlet in multi-domain ZCS installations (ex. hosted Zimbra)."

    Link: Get or contribute Zimlets, UI themes, and languages in the Zimbra Gallery - Google Maps

    We really hope this Zimlet will be useful for the community, and if you have any question or comment, please share it with us.

    Also, if you want to get in contact with the developers, our users here in the forum are '' and 'bcsantos'.

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    Bruno Santos

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    is there any update for new version of ZImbra 6.0.10 ?

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