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Thread: How to implement widgets?

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    Default How to implement widgets?

    It seems that there is precious little documentation on how to actually implement the different DWT widgets in JavaScript. I've given up on trying to create a DwtListView and am now trying to figure out the DwtTabView and DwtTabViewPage. Whitepapers, wikis, forums and online code only give hints, but no actual examples on how to do this.

    Say I have the HTML code for the pages I wish to show in tabs inside a DwtComposite Dialog (the code is returned as strings from different functions, one for each page). Can anyone give me an example on how to put the pages in a TabView?

    Since I'm probably not the only person in the world needing some documentation on this, it would be great if someone knowledgeful could write a tutorial on the different widgets (better than Widgets - Zimbra :: Wiki). Also, any example code on how to implement lists, tabs, etc. is welcome in this thread
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