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Thread: Testing DimDim Zimlet...Have Questions...

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    Default Testing DimDim Zimlet...Have Questions...

    Hi...I'm testing the DimDim zimlet and have a couple questions.

    Under preferences...what do I put in these entries?
    - Collaboration Workspace URL
    - Return URL

    I've tried to create a "meeting room", but when I click the OK button nothing seems to happen for a minute or more (I initially thought the OK button was broken until I started getting all the popup errors for each time I clicked the OK button)...and then I finally get a response that says...

    "room busy check failed! try again!"

    Are there fields on the start meeting dialog that are required or not required? Are there firewall ports other than 80/443 that need to be opened going out to DimDim from the Zimbra server?

    The documentation is kind of slim.


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    I am also trying the DimDim zimlet and get same error. I do believe you need to put the url to your dimdim server in the collaboration space and the return url is just a website it open when u end the meeting. I cant seem to connect through the zimlet either. Any ideas?

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    There's a zmprov (or zmlocalconfig?) setting something like zimbraproxyalloweddomains. Maybe you need to add your diddim server to that?

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