I'm trying to figure out a way to allow a our salespeople to attach files (.pdf's specifically) that do not actually live on the client filesystem, but instead live in in on an NFS mount point on the server.

The user interface seems like it could be done using a zimlet, where a the directory structure is returned from the a jsp in JSON form and handled by some kind of tree structure in DWT. Honestly I've not do this yet, because I want to make sure the next part is even posible.

Heres the next (harder) part, I need to figure out how to attach the selected file to an email as a normal attachment. I've looked at the documentation on file uploads and that might work to fill in some of the blanks, but its still got big holes (how do I put the reference into the email). There might be some other way, but none I can think of right now...

So the first and most basic question is, is this even posible with a Zimlet?

If it is, can someone recommend or lead me towards a decent solution?