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Thread: Help for a new zimlet developer

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    Default Help for a new zimlet developer


    I'm working on a new zimlet for my company. I have a Zimbra playground running on CentOS with Zimbra Open Source.

    Is there a 'Hello World' zimlet that I can use to get started?

    My Zimlet needs to make SOAP calls to a couple different internal servers. Does Zimbra use nusoap? Do I embed that in the zimlet or do I need to run things through a proxy on the Zimbra server? I want the calls to come from the server, not the browser interface.

    The resulting zimlet will be deployed in our Zibra NE server


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    Hello, here is a simple Zimlet that uses javascript. In order to do non-Zimbra SOAP calls, you will either need to proxy your web data from another server through the Zimbra server or add a .jsp file to your Zimlet.
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