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Thread: Using Zimlet to add zimbra account

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    Default [Solved] Using Zimlet to add zimbra account

    Hello ppz,

    I was wondering if it s possible to add a zimbra account with a zimlet.
    I have coded a zimlet that add an account to my personnal/professionnal webapp without any kind of
    problem but the goal of this zimlet is to add an account to zimbra and my webapp, so service's directors
    could add account by simply dropping a contact on my zimlet.
    And because i dont want to give an access to the admin panel to the director, i need to do it with the zimlet.

    I can use zmprov but i d like to find another [more secure] method.
    [=> including a call to it in my php script which add the user to my webapp]

    So the question is Can i add a zimbra account with the .js file included in my

    I have searched the forum but with no luck.
    If you can point me in the right direction, i will really appreciate it.

    [By the way, Zimbra is the most powerful software that i know ]
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    To add a new account you need admin privileges. So you'd need to have the zimlet auth as an admin which would be a security risk. One option would be our domain admin feature in the Network Edition, as it allows you to give a minimal set of permissions. The other would be to create a web page that calls zmprov or the SOAP api that you restrict the access too.
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    Ok that s what i was thinking.
    thanks for the fast answer.

    i m going to use a web page

    but my superiors seem to be really enthousiast for zimbra (i have to show them a demonstration [with my zimlet] next friday and i have already done a description during a meeting)

    Hope they will love it [and buy it ! ]

    Thanks again for the fast answer

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