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Thread: Vtwitter Zimlet: 403 FORBIDDEN when posting

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    Default Vtwitter Zimlet: 403 FORBIDDEN when posting


    Tried the Vtwitter zimlet which was nice from a feature view. BUt, when installed and given the Zimlet my Twitter login, i try to write a text. But i get one of thoose green status messages which says"
    HTTP ERROR: 403
    Powered by jetty://"

    Nothing in any log-files, anybody tried this one with luck?

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    I also get this with Vtwitter on Zimbra Desktop. I've deployed the openalldomains zimlet that according to the wiki (ZimletDevSetup - Zimbra :: Wiki) should allow proxy access but I still get the a 403 error.
    Colin Robinson

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    We just started messing around with this today, and got the same results.
    I did however manage to perform a successful tweet when logging in to the advanced mail client with the admin/root account.

    From this: Zimlets Proxy Servlet - Zimbra :: Wiki I suspect a misconfiguration surrounding the allowed domains list, but am sceptical as it worked for the root user.

    Working with Zimlets - Zimbra :: Wiki
    States that:
    Note: If you have more than one custom Zimlet, you should rename the config_template.xml file before updating the configuration in LDAP so that files are not overwritten.

    Which worries me somewhat, as the configuration for "allowedDomains" for the proxyServlet may be getting overwritten depending on the order my zimlets are being installed. I am unsure of how it is stored in ldap, however, I would rather assume that each zimlet has its own ldap entry based on its name, eg: <zimletConfig name="com_vtwitter_vtwitter" version="0.5">
    Then the above statement must be false, and not of any consequence.

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