A small business that I consult at has recently changed their email addresses from their ISP to a domain. To help in the migration process I thought it would be helpful to write a zimlet which identifies messages sent in the last x days and generates an email to the sender kindly asking them to update their address book.

  1. User starts zimlet
  2. Enter a search string - for example:
    "(to:(@example.com) OR cc:(@example)) in:inbox after:1/1/2009"
  3. List of matching emails displayed, grouped by sender
    • Ideally the list would be a tree structure, and emails would be clickable to display the message
  4. Select the senders that email is to be generated for
  5. A draft of the email is displayed or it is sent automatically

I've created a command line proof of concept (SourceForge.net Repository - [cahaya-hubung] View of /trunk/zmsrc/au/com/cahaya/hubung/zm/contact/mail/ZimbraRespondOldEmail.java) and now I want to integrate it into Zimbra as a Zimlet.

What I would really appreciate is feedback on my approach and some pointers to example Zimlets on which I could base my code.