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Thread: Drag-and-Drop in composer broken, Briefcase icons & WebDAV

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    Exclamation Drag-and-Drop in composer broken, Briefcase icons & WebDAV

    Just upgraded to 6.0 beta 2 FOSS but had to from 5.0.16 NE due to staff bearing down on needed functions and fixes. We are a paying customer.

    Seems that on all major browsers on three major operating systems, the drag-and-drop in the email composer is not working. I know the XPI is working because without it, I wouldn't be able to DnD to Briefcase.

    I have scoured Bugzilla and posted it as a bug in several existing ASSIGNED postings there.

    In addition, DnD from Desktop to Briefcase does work and mimetypes are fixed (thank you) but there is still that problem of the filetype icons. They are all contained in the server but the scripts are not passing correct info to grab them. Shouldn't be that hard.

    Seems that it only really works on an operating system that has Internet Explorer installed which is now ONLY Windows.

    Rhetorically, if Zimbra is trying to be a competitor to Micro$oft then you have to choose the side of the fence you are on and plunge ahead. Zimbra is on its way to being a great leader with regular development but this ebbing back is not worth it except to make the migration work solidly and speedily. Awful slow indeed. I am now on 72 hours waiting for it to finish importing 60 GB of date just into the Briefcase of one user account to be used as the central share.

    That actually would be a great enhancement to create central data stores that lives outside of the GAL that can be shared. This could prolly be done somehow using a Samba/WebDAV solution.

    WebDAV is another sore spot not being able to save back to the Briefcase after checking-out the file. Fix this, for real, and you would have broken the barrier. Or, you could make Alfresco interface with the Briefcase or you could interface Zimbra email into the Alfresco interface. Either way, that is the only thing that is now stopping Zimbra from being an all inclusive and truly Collaborative utility.
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