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Thread: Alfresco zimlet

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    Default Alfresco zimlet

    I want to integrate zimbra with i have installed the zip files both in alfresco and zimbra according to the wikki and doccument
    When i log in to the zimbra colloborate suite i can see alfresco zimlet on the left pane.
    clicking on
    zimlet->Alfresco->preferences a alfresco zimlet preferences should appear where we enter the alfresco server details..
    In my case preferences is not opening to give the alfresco details .where i ll give my alfresco server details
    am using zimbra network edition 5.

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    This has nothing to do with the thread you've added it to, I'll move it. In future can you please post your questions in a new thread in the appropriate forum instead of tagging them to a thread that has no relationship to the new question.


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