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    This will be my first ever attempt to make a zimlet and would like to see if you guys can help me out. I'm planing to make a zimlet that can send followups to other users. Basically I'm looking to build a zimlet that checks incoming mails parse it for a special tag in the mime of the message and set a reminder in the calendar to remind the user of the message or task whatever. At the sending end it would write this special tag to the mime depending on the user input and then send the message to the recipient. What I would like to know is what function is use to read and parse incoming messages and a function that writes to a mail message.

    Thanks in advance guys
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    There was a change in 6.0 to allow the ZmMsg that got passed to the zimlet to get access to the original message. That should allow you to read the mime. As far as piggybacking a mime on send, your best (and only shot I think) is to capture the send window, but that's probably bad behavior.

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