Im in the middle of deploying this zimlet:
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A broadcasting zimlets.

I've setup the cgi and the rest-data.

I've uploaded the admin page on my site.

So i can visit through:

No problem, I can even add a tips & pa which I can check back on the rest-data/motd/tips directory.

The problem is I cannot list the existing post. I've the FF plugin: Firebugs, when I click refresh button to load the list of Tips, I got empty result.
The url request is:

Strange things is, when I turn on the debug mode in the cgi, I got this:

path: motd/tips/all.js
query type: GET
Loaded tips: 3
Content-Type: application/json; charset=ISO-8859-1
which gives me the exactly number of tips I have. So it seems like the cgi was unable to return me the content of the tips...

Any suggestion?