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Thread: [SOLVED] Strange Social Zimlet Issue

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    Question [SOLVED] Strange Social Zimlet Issue

    Hello all,

    Been using Zimbra for about 4 months now and this is my second post, so go easy on me. We're having an issue where the Social Zimlet was working, but has developed an issue.

    For some reason, the Zimlet (in my account no less), no longer has the socialize button in the Mail app. The Social tab is still there and works properly, but for some reason the socialize is now gone. I created a new use and logged in and both are there as expected.

    Is there anything that I can try to rectify the issue? I've undeployed the zimlet, done a
    zmprov fc zimlet
    , and then redeployed, all to no avail. The mailbox.log shows nothing out of the ordinary and firefox (w/ firebug) throws no errors. I'm at a loss for what might have happened. Anyone give me any pointers?

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    Rrao's new zimlet in the other Socialize thread fixed this for me as well.

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