I havbe an issue (as do many others it seems) where I had to rename the domain name of my server.

Now, for all users who had accounts prior to the domain name changing, if they attempt to write to another user to whom they had written prior to the name change happening - AutoComplete returns two email addresses for the addressee. It returns the new one from the updated GAL and also the cached old address from the old GAL.

I am now to Zimbra so have no experience with what can and can't be done, and am not a web programmer. However, in looking through some of the code associated with AutoComplete it seems that the file


has a prototype function for clearing out a user's cache

ZmAutocomplete.prototype.clearCache =
function(type, account) {
var acct = account || appCtxt.getActiveAccount();

if (type) {
this._acCache[acct.id][type] = {};
} else {
this._acCache[acct.id][ZmAutocomplete.AC_TYPE_CONTACT] = {};
this._acCache[acct.id][ZmAutocomplete.AC_TYPE_LOCATION] = {};
this._acCache[acct.id][ZmAutocomplete.AC_TYPE_EQUIPMENT] = {};

Is this function complete as it stands ?

And if it is, is there anyone out there that could encapsulate it within a Zimlet ?

Thanks for reading.