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Thread: Can not see Samba domain or Posix accout in ie8

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    Default Can not see Samba domain or Posix accout in ie8

    i have installed samba domain and posix accout to connect samba to the zimbras ldap

    My problem is when i go to the admin webinterface from firefox all is ok.
    But when i take microsofts inernetexplorer i can not see samba and posix tab.
    And when i create a new user it stops with an error because i can not fill in the sambadomain uid or something else from samba and posix .

    greetings from austria


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    Previous discussion on this was in this thread: where we eventually found that it was just IE that was having the issue. It doesn't look like the original poster in that thread ever filed a bug though. Feel free to go to, search and see if it already exists, and if not then create a bug report on it.

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