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Thread: Calendar onMouseUp or doubleclick event

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    Default Calendar onMouseUp or doubleclick event

    I'm new to Javascript and new to Zimlets and I have a question I'm hoping one of you Zimlet gurus can give me a little guidance on.

    I have created a Zimlet that opens a new appointment and populates the attendees when I click on the Zimlet icon. What I would like to do, though, is to set the Start and End time/date when the user double-clicks or drag-selects a time on the calendar grid. Ultimately, I would want my Zimlet to react only when the user double-clicks or drag-selects in the "calendar_union_scroll" (that's the class-name of the area) on the Calendar's Schedule view. Currently that area does not react to click or drag events, so I would not be causing issues with normal meeting scheduling.

    Does anyone have a couple lines of code that would add an event listener or two to that area and what data I would grab from the resulting event for the Start time/date?

    I've scoured the code for many of the available Zimlets, but there are only a couple that deal with the calendar and they don't use these type of events for input.

    Thanks in advance for your time. By the way, I'm on ZCS 5.0.19 NE.

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    Without modifying the Zimbra source, I don't believe you are going to be able to capture these events with a Zimlet. The only drag-and-drop event that I know you can access with Zimlets are when an object is dropped onto the Zimlet icon itself. I may be wrong though.

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