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Thread: [SOLVED] Naming Convention

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    Question [SOLVED] Naming Convention

    hi all
    I was just creating a zimlet of my own .
    According to the Wiki i gave the name as com_xyz_myZimlet (considering xyz as name of company ).I kept a basic zimlet definition xml file inside and tried deploying but didnt get deployed throwing error like Zimlet Definition not found.

    As soon as i changed all the nmaes from "com_xyz_myZimlet" to "com_zimbra_myZimlet" it started working.

    Please explain the above behavior .
    Cant we give any name to the zimlet ?

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    One thing to confirm: use all lower case in your zimlet name.

    This section of the Zimlet Developer's Guide has some common problems to watch out for when naming + bundling your zimlet:

    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Getting Started - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Also, as an FYI, check out this documentation on Zimlet Definition File XML syntax:

    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Zimlet Definition File Reference - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    Yes i made a mistake in naming the Zimlet
    I used Upper case in the zimlet Name.
    I didnt notice that .
    All the letters should be in Lower Case Only otherwise it will fal to deploy.

    Thanks for pointing me out

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