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Thread: New Zimlet Developer Documentation for ZCS 6.0 Available!

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    Default New Zimlet Developer Documentation for ZCS 6.0 Available!

    Zimbra invites you to view the latest Zimlet development documentation. The goal of this documentation is to make it easier for partners and customers to build Zimlets and to integrate with the Zimbra platform.

    We will continue to expand the materials over the coming weeks. In the meantime, it will be great to hear from you about "what you want & need to know about Zimlet development".

    Cheers and happy reading!

    Zimlet Developer's Guide for ZCS 6.0
    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Introduction - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Zimlet Definition File Reference for ZCS 6.0
    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Zimlet Definition File Reference - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Zimlet JavaScript API Reference for ZCS 6.0
    Zimlet JavaScript API Reference - Index
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