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Thread: Install?

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    Arrow Install?

    This doesn't seem very user friendly, and there are no instructions apparently.

    So how does one install a zimlet, exactly?

    I see a lot of files, .js, etc.. but I don't see a readme or anything that says how to install a zimlet.

    I tried doing a search, I guess we have to use command line.. umm.. This is 2010, why are we STILL resorting to command line. SURELY there can be a simple way to drag / drop to create / install Zimlets, no?

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    Although this may be (almost) 2010 things do not just magically get created, until somebody writes a "simple way to drag / drop to create / install Zimlets" there won't be one.

    Have you tried reading some of these articles? Category:Zimlets - Zimbra :: Wiki

    As for installation, all you need to do is deploy it in the admin console, which can be done by simply uploading a zip file of the zimlet. For development there is a directory that you can create that will be "deployed" live with any changes.

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