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Thread: add to the phone contect menu

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    Default add to the phone contect menu

    Is it possible to create a zimlet that adds a menu item to the context menu defined in com_zimbra_phone? I want to add a menu item below "Sykpe call". I assume I could edit com_zimbra_phone.xml. Is this the supported approach? It would be great if in my zimlet, I could add to the context menu vs. change an existing zimlet.

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    The most simple way is to modify the zimlet phone directly.
    You can also make another that do the same with extra functions and disable the phone zimlet.

    If you still want to manipulate the phone zimlet with another zimlet, you will have to take care of the loading order of the 2 zimlets.
    After the zimlets deployment, use "zmzimletctl" in the CLI to set the priorities.

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