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Thread: New developer needs help with zimlet creation

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    Default New developer needs help with zimlet creation


    I am working on creating a zimlet and am having some trouble getting started. I've consulted the whitepaper and looked at the examples in opt/zimbra/zimlets, but they've not been much help.

    For the time being, I want the zimlet to work similarly to the yahoo maps zimlet in that when you enter a search, another box pops up with the search results.

    I have a php page that performs this search now, but would like it to work as a zimlet.

    Not sure where to start, any help would be appreciated.

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    Take a look at the Wikipedia Zimlet. In 3.2 beta this is in the /opt/zimbra/zimlets-extra dir.
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    Thank you for the response!

    I've looked at both the wikipedia and yahoo zimlets and I think the yahoo maps zimlet would better suit my needs. My original intent was to have the search results appear in another zimlet window (instead of a browser window), but I think that the same zimlet window as the search would be fine. The ultimate goal is to have someone be able to drag contact information into their contacts.

    If you have suggestions for the actual zimlet, I would appreciate them, but as of right now, I don't know enough about them to ask any specific questions.

    Thanks for your time.

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