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Thread: viewList in content tab app??

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    Default viewList in content tab app??

    I have looked through a lot of files and articles and have tried a few things via similar zimlets, but I keep coming up unsuccessful around every corner.

    I am creating a tab application where I would need to call up a list of incoming messages in the main content area of the tab. I am familiar with set content, but I need to list the information through either dwtListView or zmListView . The desire here is to take advantage of the built in controls that these widgets offer.

    This seems to be extremely difficult or not possible. Can someone offer some simple code showing a sample list of information using a listView in the content area based on a tab application? If not can someone at least mention the steps necessary along with some details on how to correctly use the dwtListView or zmListView in this area?

    Also please note that the Broadsoft zimlet is the closest sample I have seen yet I havent seen it work completely where it populates the content area other than a preferences page.
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