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    Default Zimlet

    Hi guys,

    I have created tiny tiny zimlet for, online scheduling service.
    The feature overview is something like this:

    When you read the email which has someone's public url in the message and
    click the url on ZimbraWebClient, popup window is displayed on zimbra pages and the widget
    provided by is loaded into the window.
    By the widget you can check and book the schedule of someone who owns
    the public url while checking your own schedule on Zimbra.
    You can get the zimlet from this attachment or github below.
    bucchi's TungleMe-Zimlet at v0.1 - GitHub

    Have a fun with it.
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    Default some enhancement


    I am happy to announce this.
    I have done some enhancement for Zimlet.

    Here is github url to get source code:
    bucchi's TungleMe-Zimlet at v0.5 - GitHub

    When you load widget, you could notice a javascript error which could be only for Japanese environment.
    But you will not have any problem for booking someone's schedule by the widget. I am still investigating on this issue. If it gets clear, I will put this zimlet on the gallery.
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    Default Question about widget

    Is this widget only for the desktop version or can it be used on the web based cloud version?

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