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    Default Asterisk & Asteriskmwi

    I can't get either of these to work. I changed the config_template.xml as follows:
    <zimletConfig name="com_zimbra_asterisk" version="1.0">
        <property name="sipHost"></property>
        <property name="myAddress"></property>
    </zimletConfig> is the Asterisk server. I right-clicked on the Zimlet to put in my extension number and password. Tried every combination of Bridge to Desk, and when I click to call a number it says connecting 663 to 19085551212 (663 my extension) but my phone doesn't right, and Asterisk doesn't show it doing anything. With the SugarCRM Asterisk plugin I never had a problem, that one worked fine, it would transfer the call to my extension and I could pick up. Any docs for this yet?

    BTW, same problems with the Asteriskmwi, the cgi-bin (comedian I think) works fine but the zimlet doesn't.

    EDIT: I also after changing the config_template.xml ran:

    $zmzimletctl configure config_template.xml
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