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Thread: Social Zimlet - deleting long twitter searches

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    Question Social Zimlet - deleting long twitter searches

    Still loving the social zimlet, but I've struck a bit of a glitch and can't find a way around it.

    If you create a long Twitter search (which I'm doing until lists integration is here!), you can't delete it because you can only extend the left pane so far before it stops, so you can't see the delete icon. Right click does nothing, clicking just brings up the search results, so can't use the delete key on the KB either.

    Workaround suggestions anyone? (Or am I being a dunce?).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Its probably because of Bug 45124 – Overview Panel's horizontal scrollbar doesnt show up (when trying nested-folders or for folders-with-long-names) core-zimbra bug. For now, If you know how to use Firebug, you can perhaps manipulate the GUI and make the X visible and clean that tree item up
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