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Thread: ListView to Overview DnD functionality

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    Default ListView to Overview DnD functionality

    OK, I hope the answer is just staring me in the face, but I cant seem to for the life of me (and it may be just that) create a drag-able ZmListView that is generated via webservice [this part is working] to folders self created in the overview (with a little help from broadsoft's overview script).

    I have seen tons of examples where DnD is used with panelitems, but I have not seen anything where tab application is created which generates its own listView where each row acts just like a mail message that is draggable.

    The listView itself has the dragsource listener attached...
    this._dragSrc = new DwtDragSource(Dwt.DND_DROP_MOVE);
    this._dragSrc.addDragListener(new AjxListener(this, this._dragListener));
    And im not sure how to apply the drop target to my folders in the overview. Even though I dont have drop targets, wouldn's the listView itself take on the functionality of being draggable? Does anyone know of one decent example I can work off of that shows how a listview is draggable inside a tab app and the overview tree folders are ready and waiting?

    Please help - my head is about to explode.

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    Default Adding checkboxes to cell content

    Also if anyone can respond to any information here, I am also having a hard time adding the checkboxes (F_SELECTION) and Flags to my Cell Contents.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    I am currently working between ZmListView and DwtListView.

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