Hello, I would like to be able to create new documents from a template, and copy existing documents into new documents. I cannot see any easy way to do this at the moment and I am wondering if Zimlets would be able to add this type of functionality?
The two things I would like to have the Zimlet do is add an item to the New Menu called Document Template. When the user selects this menu item they are presented with a list of templates, when they select the template a new document is created based on a copy of that template.
The second thing I would like to do is add a button to the Document Table of Contents. Where it has Edit Delete History add a new button called Copy. When this button is pressed the document contents are copied and opened in a new document.
If anyone knows if this is what Zimlets could do, please let me know as I do not want to try to develop this functionality if the Zimlets cannot basically interact in this manner or would not be specific enough to link into the menus and screen areas in this way. Thanks.