We upgraded to 6.0.6 over the weekend from the 5.0 series and I wanted to play with the Social zimlet.

I had to use the excellent advise I found in the forums on adding proxy domains to my COS, and am able to load the built-in defaults when I select the Social tab.

However, when I go to add my facebook account, it does the following:

1> Opens up with window with the "Go to Facebook" and "Load Permissions" buttons.
2> I click the first, go through 3-4 screens of saying various forms of yes/accept, window says "success"
3> click the second button and windows says "You may now close this window and return to the application."
4> close the window, and hit "OK" Nothing happens. Repeated hit OK, nothing happens.

If I cancel at this point I see a facebook account listed but with three buttons for authorize. Clicking any of these buttons restarts the process at step 1.

Here's the kicker, if I log in in dev mode (http://xxxx/zimbra/?dev=1) it works like a charm, lets me add the account and save it, shows my friend's feeds, etc.

Then, however, when I log out and log back in without ?dev=1 it no longer works.

Any ideas for what my next step should be?