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Thread: How to Write DwtTree in main content zimlet tab

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    Red face How to Write DwtTree in main content zimlet tab

    I'm a new member. I'm learning zimlet.
    When I create a zimlet tab, I want to draw a tree in the content areas with code

    com_zimbra_explorer_HandlerObject.prototype.appAct ive = function(appName, active){
    case this._extab:{
    var app = appCtxt.getApp(this._extab);
    var appToolbar = app.getToolbar();
    var shell = new DwtShell("MainShell");
    var treeExplorer = new TreeExplorer(shell);
    with TreeExploer is
    function TreeExplorer(parent) {
    this._tree = new DwtTree(parent, null, null, DwtControl.ABSOLUTE_STYLE);

    this._tree.setBounds(0, 0, Dwt.DEFAULT, "100%");

    // Add the tree items to the tree

    // Add a selection listener to the tree. This listener will be called anytime a tree item is selected
    this._tree.addSelectionListener(new AjxListener(this, this._treeListener));

    // Make the tree visible. Specifically this moves the tree to the right "layer" (i.e. above the
    // shell overlays)
    But when I click on zimlet tab, It's have shown a warning Dialog with message is "DwtShell have exits for window"
    How to declare a parent for DwtTree?
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