I try to create my own admin extension for the zimbra web UI. It seems that zimlets and admin extensions are created in a complete different way.

I have searched for some howto's and found:
Extending Admin UI - Zimbra :: Wiki
Admin UI Framework Guide - Zimbra :: Wiki

Sadly this two articles are much to high for me.
I need something descriped step by step or only a much smaler project ("Hello World", ...).

I don't understand why the (samba) article starts with an "ListView Class", ...

The first thing i would do is to add an node to the navigation panel.
In the Articles this is descriped very shortly. This code should to it:
Zambra.ovTreeModifier = function (tree)
		this._sambaTi = new DwtTreeItem(this._configTi);
		this._sambaTi.setText("Samba Domains");
		this._sambaTi.setData(ZaOverviewPanelController._TID, ZaZimbraAdmin._SAMBA_DOMAIN_LIST);

		if (ZaOverviewPanelController.overviewTreeListeners)
			ZaOverviewPanelController.overviewTreeListeners[ZaZimbraAdmin._SAMBA_DOMAIN_LIST] = Zambra.sambaDomainListTreeListener;

if (ZaOverviewPanelController.treeModifiers)

// This section seems that only an event handler is added. Not important for the beginning
Zambra.sambaDomainListTreeListener = function (ev)
	if (this._app.getCurrentController())
		this._app.getCurrentController().switchToNextView(this._app.getSambaDomainListController(), ZaSambaDomainListController.prototype.show, ZaSambaDomain.getAll(this ._app));
		this._app.getSambaDomainListController().show(ZaSambaDomain.getAll(this ._app));
The code has done nothing . I also have absolutly no idea why it does not work. Maybe i have to start some initialisation at first?

I only need an "Hello World" or something else for the beginning. If i have understood the major parts then rest would be much easier