I am deploying a zimlet which needs to communicate with a jsp code which uses some servlets.

Initially, we had done this using Apache tomcat as the application server.

So, the zimlet would communicate with this server. There was a .war package in the apache tomcat's webapps directory. Zimlet would send some credentials like mail box and password. The back-end code would return some JSON response back to the zimlet. This zimlet worked fine.

Now, we are trying to port the zimlet to work with the local Jetty Application web server. Now, the back-end code works fine. (We tested this out by creating a Login.html where we manually feed in the input fields and we get the valid JSON response from the back-end code)

However, the zimlet fails to load when I try to make it communicate with the directory on this local Jetty Server.

Any ideas or suggestions are highly welcome.

Thank you,