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Thread: DwtSelect with many options is very slow

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    Default DwtSelect with many options is very slow

    I use a DwtSelect that contains roughly 60 DwtSelectOptions (user is selecting their age). There is a very distinct delay (a few seconds) before the popup for the options will appear.

    It seems to be equally slow on both Firefox and IE (7).

    Is this a characteristic of DwtSelectOption, or am I doing something wrong/inefficient??

    Code fragment below:

    var options = [];
    var firstYear = (new Date()).getFullYear()-12;
    if (select_one) {
    	options[options.length] = new DwtSelectOption("", true, "Select one");
    for (var i=60; i > 0; i--) {
          options[options.length] = new DwtSelectOption(firstYear + "", false, firstYear + "");
    	firstYear = firstYear -1 ;
    options[options.length] = new DwtSelectOption(firstYear + "", false, firstYear + " or before");
    return new DwtSelect({parent:parent.getShell(), options:options});

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    Hi , i am also trying to have a DwtSelect where at moment there is "notes" field in contact panel.
    Could you tell me how to go about it ? thanks a lot

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