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Thread: quick question about phone Zimlet & callto: addresses

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    Default quick question about phone Zimlet & callto: addresses

    Is there any method for forcing the phone zimlet *not* to append the +1 to callto: links for some users or in some cases?

    This is an important issue because:

    Skype for MS Outlook requires that +1 be used in phone numbers in the address book in order to recognize number, yet the phone zimlet appears to automatically append +1 regardless. This means that skype users who want to use both Outlook and Zimbra end up with valid callto addresses in Outlook only, not in Zimbra...unless there is some manner to configure this? callto addresses for +1-555-555-5555 become +11-555-555-5555 in Zimbra.

    Any help?

    NOTE: I tested this out and found +1 555-555-5555 (using an initial space, rather than a dash) to function as expected, though +1-555-555-5555 does not.
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