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Thread: Tab zimlet in ZD

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    Default Tab zimlet in ZD

    Hi, i try to instal a tab zimlet in my ZD to develop it.
    While ZD run up, firebug give me this error:

    this.createApp is not a function

    in this snippet of javascript code:

    [zimletName]_HandlerObject.prototype.init =
    function() {
    this._simpleAppName = this.createApp(parameters);

    I can't understand where is my error.

    Finally, can a tab zimlet run in ZD 1.0.4 build 1883

    Thank you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mila_07 View Post
    Finally, can a tab zimlet run in ZD 1.0.4 build 1883
    You should be developing this for Zimbra Desktop 2, a beta version is available if you look at the Announcement in the ZD forums.


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